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I’m a self confessed Halloween Nut!  I spend a great deal of time in search of what I feel to be the best, most well presented, private Halloween Yard Haunt sites I can find on the net.  These are yard haunts that celebrate Halloween at its best without being wrapped up in some type of commercial venture.  Yard haunts where you can tell that the haunters have devoted hours to planning and building their own visions of Halloween and who are dedicated to sending their little Halloween Trick or Treaters home with big eyes and something to be remembered!

A good yard haunt can be scary!  It can raise the neck hairs of both kids and parents or it can be fun and playful and send visitors away with a giggle.  What is most important is that the presenters of the haunts have vision… a method to their madness.  Anyone can go to the various Halloween outlet stores or for that matter their local discount store and buy a display.  It takes no effort at all to buy a few tombstones, hang a bag or two of spider webs and cut some jack-o-lanterns for the front porch.  Some of these displays are really cute, but when we’re talking yard haunts on this site, we’re talking about big eyed kids that just might need a little prodding from their parents to walk up the front steps.  Haunts where there are ghastly sounds or spooky music playing in the back ground, fog drifting on the wind and most important……  A haunt where it’s obvious that the owners may have spent endless hours making their haunt unique!  Spending long hours combining hot glue, foam board, plywood and imagination, sometimes for months and months before that one special night each year and all because of their love of Halloween.

I might add that I am always looking for sites to add to our list and if you have a display or know of a web site that might make the grade, please forward it to me.  I’d love to look at it and give it consideration for inclusion.

Look over the sites listed here and you’ll get a good idea of what will and won’t make the list!  Just remember that we're looking for non-commercial sites, those that don't promote a product or store and last but not least those that can be viewed by kids and don't contain any objectionable materials.




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